Quality: Getting it right the first time

Endúr Fabricom endeavours to supply services and products in a safe manner, on time, within budget and beyond the level of quality expected by our customers.

The company endeavours to meet all requirements set by authorities and the demands of our clients, while continuously monitoring  our work processes to ensure their suitability and effectiveness.

Endúr Fabricom’s quality management system is under continuous review, which lets us raise the bar based on observation and experience.

Endúr Fabricom Quality Management System (QMS) consists of a common set of business principles, work processes and systems, and enables every employee to work out of the same ‘toolbox’. This boosts efficiency and eliminates surprises – the aim is to do it right the first time, safely and cost-efficiently.

• NS-EN ISO 9001:2008
• NS-EN ISO 14001:2004
• NS-EN 3834-2
• Pressure Equipment Directive, 97/23/EC Module H