Statoil has awarded ENGIE Fabricom a new assignment for mechanical works in 2018 during the turnaround AS18 at Tjeldbergodden. The work at the plant is during the months of May and June in 2018.

The scope of work includes planning and pre-stop phase for mechanical work as well as activities during the turnaround.

We are very proud that Statoil awarded this contract to ENGIE Fabricom. ENGIE Fabricom have previously worked on shutdown-campaigns at Tjeldbergodden in 2004 and 2007 and is pleased to be back again in 2018.

The Methanol plant at Tjeldbergodden opened in 1997. The plant consists today of three parts: methanol plant, gas-receiving terminal and an air separation plant.

The biggest is the methanol plant, which is the largest of its kind in Europe. Yearly production is 830 000 ton Methanol.

Tjeldbergodden receive natural gas from the Heidrun Field through Haltenpipe.

by Janter