Record breaking performance

ENGIE Fabricom undertakes complex well connection projects for clients on offhsore installations involving multidisciplinary competencies both on land and offshore.

ENGIE Fabricom has a very good track record in performing well connections and is committed to perform projects in the most effective, timely and cost competitive manner. We handle well connection projects planning, through execution.

The highest HSE and quality standards applicable for our industry form the basis for all our work.

Good deliveries for a sensible price will always be important and is a major focus for the ENGIE Fabricom, but just as important we need to have an organisation with engaged and motivated employees. This is decisive for this type of project.  The team is been able to create ownership to the task in a manner that makes it rewarding to participate. It generates positive energy for each participant and produces good achievements.

Key elements:

  • Experienced organisation
  • Focus on planning and preparation
  • Highly skilled multi dicipline team members
  • First class Prefabrication deliveries
  • HSE focus in all parts of the project
  • Efficient record breaking execution
  • Highly competitive rates