Best choice for upgrading/modification of SAS and F&G system

Upgrading of Safety and Automation System to extend life cycle of installations in order to continue safe and robust operations according to latest regulations.

Endúr Fabricom has experience with upgrading SAS network, control room and control system nodes without any production disruption.

Endúr Fabricom has replaced over 10 000 detectors and several fire & gas systems in our fire & gas project portfolio.

As part of Safety and Automation system upgrading, Endúr Fabricom can deliver

  • SAS data network
  • Control system Programming
  • Control room
  • System interface and alarms
  • Industrial IT/IMS
  • Hardware modification/replacement for safety and automation panels (ESD/PSD/PCDA/F&G)
  • HVAC control system
  • HIPPS system
  • Process isolation/shut down/blow down
  • Fire and gas modification
  • Critical Action Panel (CAP) modification/replacement
  • HF analyse
  • Fire and gas detectors
  • Smoke/heat and Manuel call points
  • Voting logic
  • Operator screens
  • Process isolation/shut down/blow down
  • Passive fire protection
  • IEC 61511

Reliable, Safe and Competent

  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Fabrication
  • Program modification of control nodes offshore
  • Installation (Control panel, FTC, switchboard, instrument, data network, telecom panel, …)
  • Commissioning

  • System architect understanding
  • Low risk for unwanted shutdown
  • Low project cost
  • Efficient project execution